We underscore the impact of social injustice, racism, violence and inequality as underlying factors in the development of environments, which breed addiction and futility.  Therefore, Miracles, Inc. also focuses efforts at providing services to the poor and disenfranchised members of society.  We encourage and support all efforts, local and state, community and national to support an understanding of the disease of addiction as a Public Health issue.

Miracles inc.

Miracle’s Inc. envisions a world that understands the erosion of the family caused by the disease of addiction and values the efforts of individuals, communities and agencies, which seek to decrease the effects of addiction and present effective treatment and prevention methods.  Miracles Inc. also has, as its central vision, the belief that all families have unique talents and gifts, which can be utilized in the recovery process. With adequate resources, understanding, research and caring this bio-psychosocial-spiritual disease, which plagues families will be conquered.